• PT-PAC supports friends of physical therapy who are running for the United States Congress. Support is through disbursements to candidates' campaigns and to political or leadership committees that support the candidates' bids for election or reelection. The criteria for disbursements include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • The candidate's support, position, and/or voting record on quality health care issues, including the role, recognition, representation, and reimbursement of physical therapists; to include federal, state and local legislation, regulation, and policy actions.
    • The candidate's relationship to an APTA member and/or APTA component, including APTA's grassroots/Key Contact Program.
    • Formal recommendation by an APTA member and/or component.
    • The candidate's leadership position, committee assignment, and incumbency, including his/her likelihood to hold a position in the future.
    • The candidate's opponent, his/her record on these criteria, and the nature and strength of this opposition.
    • The candidate's likelihood for success/election to federal office.
    • The candidate's party affiliation (majority/minority).
    • Bipartisan support of the major political parties.

    PT-PAC does not distribute an issue questionnaire to candidates; decisions are based on the criteria above. PT-PAC welcomes potential candidates to meet with Michael Matlack, APTA director of congressional affairs, while in Washington, DC. To set up a meeting, please contact Michael Matlack at 800/999-2782 ext. 3163 or michaelmatlack@apta.org.

  • Last Updated: 4/25/2018
    Contact: ptpac@apta.org