• PT-PAC periodically runs contribution campaigns.

    Get More Traction With Your $20 Action

    Since 2007, APTA member participation in PT-PAC has slowly declined, from 11.7% to 7.1% in 2017. If you break that down by PTs, PTAs, and students you find the following:

    • 14.4% to 9.3% for PTs
    • 7.0% to 3.2% for PTAs
    • 3.5% to 3.0% for students

    Deeply concerned by this alarming trend, we surveyed more than 6,000 members about PT-PAC. What we found is that many APTA members would support PT-PAC every year, but many members had questions or had misconceptions of how PT-PAC worked. To answer some of these questions, we have provided information about:

    We hope that you will join our efforts to impact legislation in Congress by supporting our Get More Traction with Your $20 Action campaign. If every APTA member donated $20 each year, the physical therapy profession would be the largest health care provider PAC in the country. Think about the possibilities and changes we could make in Congress for our patients.

    Company Payroll Deduction Program

    APTA members who own a physical therapy practice can enroll their company in the PT-PAC payroll deduction program. This program allows employees who are APTA members APTA to contribute to PT-PAC through payroll deduction. Before payroll deduction begins, a sequence of events must occur, including employer authorization of payroll deduction, and employee payroll authorization.

    Review process for initiating payroll deduction program in your company.

    Employer Authorization of Payroll Deduction (.pdf) | Employee Payroll Authorization (.pdf)

    For more information please contact Michael Matlack, director of congressional affairs, at michaelmatlack@apta.org.

  • Last Updated: 8/30/2017
    Contact: ptpac@apta.org