• Below are some interesting federal PAC laws and regulations as they relate to the American Physical Therapy Association, its members, and the profession.

    1. PT-PAC can only solicit APTA members for donations to PT-PAC.
    2. PT-PAC can not take APTA dues money for contributions to candidates running for Congress (it's illegal). An APTA member must make a voluntary contribution to PT-PAC for this purpose.
    3. PT-PAC can accept both personal and business donations to PT-PAC from APTA members but only personal contributions can be used for direct contributions to candidates running for Congress. Business donations to PT-PAC are only used for the administrative expenses of PT-PAC.
    4. Federal PACs are only allowed to contribute $5,000 for a primary and $5,000 for a general election to a Congressional candidate. APTA members can contribute up to $5,000 to PT-PAC in a year.
    5. PT-PAC is required to file monthly reports to the Federal Election Commission detailing donations received and disbursements made to Congressional candidates.


  • Last Updated: 8/29/2017
    Contact: ptpac@apta.org