• The PT-PAC Board of Trustees consists of 8 members who serve 4-year terms. Every 2 years 4 new trustees are appointed by the APTA Board of Directors (Board).

    Application Cycle

    To be considered for a trustee position, APTA members must submit a consent form to APTA by December 31 of an odd-numbered year.

    Forms are forwarded to the APTA Board for consideration at its March meeting of the even-numbered year that follows.

    The Board appoints 4 new PAC trustees to serve 4-year terms preceded by a half-year orientation period that begins July 1 following the March appointments. During that time, the new trustees participate as guests during telephone conference calls and must attend the Private Practice Section annual meeting for orientation as a nonvoting member.

    New trustees officially start their positions on January 1 the following year.

    APTA Board of Directors uses the following criteria when appointing new PT-PAC Trustees:

    • Participation in PT-PAC at the Eagle levels
    • Ability to raise funds on behalf of PT-PAC
    • Representation and diversity from APTA sections or assemblies
    • Participation in APTA at the national level
    • Representation and diversity of geographic regions of the country
    • Knowledge, participation, and leadership in government affairs issues and activities
    • Professionalism and leadership in organizational management

    Review current PT-PAC Board of Trustees

    Review PT-PAC Trustee Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Last Updated: 8/30/2017
    Contact: ptpac@apta.org