• Hosting a political fundraiser is a great opportunity for you and your friends, family and colleagues to show genuine support for a member of Congress or candidate for office. It provides a unique opportunity to build a relationship with the candidate and helps you become vested in the outcome of his or her election.

    Fundraisers are an important opportunity to build your relationship with your members of Congress and their staffs. It takes time, effort, and work by many individuals to have a successful fundraiser. Below are some tools to help facilitate a fundraiser in your state:

    Fundraiser Benefits

    1. Fundraisers allow you and your colleagues to develop and enhance personal relationships with candidates in a casual and friendly setting.
    2. Hosting a fundraiser is an integral and traditional part of the electoral process. Running for public office is an expensive proposition, and candidates need the help of supporters in their community to get elected.
    3. Elected officials recognize campaign supporters, and, as a result, fundraisers ensure that the physical therapy profession is heard.

    Planning and Execution of Your Fundraiser

    Candidate Selection and Invitation
    Contact Michael Matlack, director of congressional affairs, to find out whether a candidate supports physical therapy in your state. Mike Matlack can inform you of any campaign finance rules, etiquette, and protocol to which you should conform. If possible, host a fundraiser in cooperation with your state/district chapter meeting.

    Inviting Your Candidate
    Write an invitation letter to the candidate's campaign office and follow up with a phone call. The invitation should be sent out as far in advance as possible. During the campaign season, the candidate's schedule will be booked very fast.

    Get Help

    Form a small event committee to develop a potential donor list and help with the logistical and planning of the fundraiser. Include committee members who have experience in fundraising, who know many prospective donors, and who can complete the bookkeeping for the event.

    Committee meetings can be held by conference call and should adhere to an agenda.See sample committee agenda (.doc)

    You can always reach out to the PT-PAC staff for assistance with questions.


    Creating and adhering to a timeline will help ensure the success of your event. Allow at least 7 weeks to plan the event. Review sample timeline (.doc)

    Decide on Location
    Most fundraisers are held in private homes or a business office. Of course, where you host a fundraiser depends largely upon the size of the event and the ambiance that you want to create.


    • Printed invitations add prestige to your event. Follow your invitations with a phone call to prospective donors.
    • Invite physical therapists (PTs), other health care providers, neighbors, friends, and business associates who support physical therapy and the candidate. The candidate will appreciate a large turnout.
    • Keep in mind that your event should be approximately 2 hours long.

    The Big Night

    A fundraiser is a simple reception. Here's a few recommendations for goals of your event. Review a sample of event flow for a fundraiser (.doc)  

    • Allow ample time for the guests to arrive before the candidate.
    • Introduce the candidate to your guests and provide time for the candidate to address the group as a whole.
    • Collect the political contribution checks from your guests.
    • Typically, the event should last no more than 2 hours.


    Follow through is extremely important to the success of your event.

    You should:

    • Write a thank-you letter to the donor.
    • Write a thank-you letter to the candidate for attending.
    • Follow up on any outstanding commitments.
    • Prepare an accounting of the event.
    • Deliver the outstanding commitments that you collected to the candidate.
  • Last Updated: 8/29/2017
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