• Legislative Action Center

    APTA relies on its network of dedicated grassroots activists to bring physical therapy issues to the attention of Members of Congress and other policy makers. There are three levels of grassroots advocacy within this network: Federal Affairs Liaisons (FALs), Key Contacts, and PTeam. You can review a list of federal and state issues facing the profession, learn more about them, and/or use a template that provides you with language and a platform in which you can send email correspondence on that issue. There is also a resources section that can help you learn more about how to be involved with APTA's grassroots. Go to the Legislative Action Center to take action.

    Learn more about the grassroots network (FALs, Key Contacts, PTeam).

    Patient Action Center

    Patients can take action through the APTA's Patient Action Center. This platform provides patients with access to issues facing the profession as well as sample language and an online interface for contacting their representatives. Learn more and share this link with your patients - www.apta.org/PatientActionCenter.

    APTA's Action App

    The APTA Action app is a powerfual grassroots tool for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, students, and patients on the go. It allows individuals to email their legislators, donate to PT-PAC, look up talking points for priority issues, and more. Download the APTA Action app today on your iPhone or Android.

  • Last Updated: 8/29/2017
    Contact: ptpac@apta.org